Fleur de Sel from India

Fleur de Sel - Pyramidensalz aus Indien
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The Fleur de Sel or "flower of salt", occurs on hot and windless days as the water in the salt... more
Product information Fleur de Sel from India

The Fleur de Sel or "flower of salt", occurs on hot and windless days as the water in the salt pans evaporates. The salt crystals create a flower from the salt crystals that float on the remaining water. This ‘flower’ is then skimmed off by the harvesters using a wooden scoop. The method of harvesting the ‘Champagne of salts’ has not changed in generations.

Biova’s Fleur de Sel doesn’t come from the European coats where the salt is produced in large quantities, it comes from a laid back coastal area in India. It is produced traditionally in small quantities with production hitting a mere 60 Kg per day. It is one of the rarest and most valuable Fleur de Sels that we know of. Gourmet chefs appreciate its taste, which is determined by calcium-and magnesium-sulfate units that are not found in the rock salts.

Due to it’s pyramid structure it is also known as "pyramid salt"!

This salt is used for all occasions. The flavor is slightly more intense than the Cypriot pyramid salt and also milder than the bamboo salt. Fleur de Sel is perfect for fish and vegetables, sauces and salads. It is also delicious crushed over dark chocolate!

Körnung: Granuliert
Herkunft: Indien
Typ: Fleur de Sel/ Salzflocken

Inhaltsstoffe und Mineralien Fleur de Sel - Pyramidensalz


Natriumchlorid 98,7%

Mineralien (pro 100g)

Calcium 0,26g
Magnesium 0,061g
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